CCHS PA Speaker Series


Surprising and Unsurprising Ways to (Really) Talk With Your Teen, with Kelli Kirshstein, 25-year CCHS counselor, consultant and university faculty member. 

The teen years have a way of transforming our conversations with teens.  As parents, we want to help our teens as they cross over into adulthood but some topics can feel difficult or even near impossible to talk about. Whether it's helping them organize their time, think about the future, make healthy decisions about relationships, or even talk about  inevitable disappointments, getting started, sustaining the conversation, and dealing with our teens' emotional reactions can lead us to feel anxious and unprepared. We know that the developing brain can make our teens feel more sensitive, reactive and often critical of themselves. but what can we do about it? 
In this webinar, beloved CCHS guidance counselor and consultant, Kelli Kirshtein shares some surprising (and not so surprising) strategies for more effective and meaningful conversations with our teens about a range of topics.  Kelli says:  "Bring your questions!"

Kelli Kirshtein has been a CCHS school adjustment counselor for 25 years.  Enough said! She is also an adjunct professor at Simmons School of Social Work and has a small private practice in psychotherapy.

Join us as we reimagine mental health in Just 30 Minutes!  The Brain Health Bootcamp is catalyzing an important movement in mental health – it’s replacing the term “mental health” with “brain health” in order to emphasize how physical and treatable these conditions are and to destigmatize mental/brain health conditions. For more on Brain Health Bootcamp and the Chase Bjork Foundation click on the button below.