• To provide a framework for promoting educational excellence and the general well-being of the students of the Concord-Carlisle High School (“CCHS”),

  • To provide the means for parents, guardians, teachers, school administrators and staff, students and school committee members to discuss the philosophy, goals, objectives and programs at CCHS and to encourage appropriate parental and community involvement at CCHS,

  • To sponsor and financially support the programs and activities directed to the needs of the CCHS community through fundraising efforts,

  • To cooperate with other organizations and agencies active in the welfare of youth as deemed appropriate, and

  • To encourage participation in the volunteer programs at CCHS


The CCHSPA by-laws were originally written in 1983 when the Parent Association was developed.  There have been updates throughout the years.  The most recent by-laws for the CCHS Parent Association can be found here.


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